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Note October 01, 2006:
This tutorial is now probably considered an antique. ;-) It can be interesting to take a look back through history, though, and see what Blogger looked looked back in 2001 and what it offered then. Much has changed since then, though, so I doubt much, if any of it, will help with today’s version.

Note September 01, 2003:
This tutorial was written September 01, 2001, and Blogger has recently updated and upgraded their program. The screenshots and information apply to Blogger prior to their recent changes. The tutorial may still give an idea of how the program works but may no longer be totally accurate.

Since I am no longer using Blogger there are no plans to update this tutorial.

September 01, 2001

Blogger is designed to be an easy tool to use so that you can concentrate on writing and publishing your content to the Web instead of formatting HTML. You can even have your Blogger web log hosted for free via Blog*Spot.

Want to see what it’s like to use Blogger? Below is an overview of the Blogger interface via screenshots to get an idea of how easy it is to use. You can post and edit right from your Web browser.

You don’t have to know any HTML to use Blogger. Blogger will format paragraphs, create bold and italic text, and make hyperlinks just with button clicks. If you know a little HTML, though, you can do a lot more, such as add images, customize a template, and do other formatting.

You can also choose from a wide range of Blogger’s templates to use, too. So you don’t even need to hire a web designer or figure out how to build a site yourself. Blogger tries to keep it simple so that you can concentrate on writing instead.

Following the screenshots are links to more information at Brainstorms & Raves, and around the Web.

Blogger Screenshots

Within each screen at Blogger are Help links for more detailed information. There’s also a fair amount of help and instructions readily available in Blogger’s How To section. Also check out the Forum at the Blogger site where you can also find answers to questions or for troubleshooting inquiries and responses. If you have any trouble setting up you new Blogger account, or if you have problems at some point, chances are very good that you’ll find out what to do right at Blogger’s site.

Edit Screen
This is the main interface where you’ll write and edit your posts. Note that you can highlight content and press 'B' for bold text, 'I' for italic text, or make a hyperlink with the globe/links icon.

Archives Screen
You can archive your posts (it’s optional, though). If you edit or change any of your posts later or change the template you can elect to republish one or all of the archives.

Settings Screen
The settings screen is where you’ll input your FTP information so Blogger can upload your pages to your server. (It’s also a good idea to download these files to your computer as a backup.)

While setting up a new Blogger account is fairly simple and the instructions are clear, if someone gets an error with an initial post, it could be the ftp path information. Blogger also has a helpful page for this by Paul Bausch, How to troubleshoot your FTP connection. You can usually find out the correct ftp information via your ISP’s Web site, it was most likely included with your paperwork when you set up your site to put it online, or you can contact your ISP to find out.


More Information

At Brainstorms & Raves

  • Fun and Handy Blogger Add-ons
    Tutorial here about adding some cut/paste JavaScript code to your Blogger template to allow editing directly from your Web page. Very handy.
  • Build One
    Links to several Blogger-like programs and hosting, tutorials and customizing snippets for Blogger and GreyMatter, template designs, and more.
  • Links
    Check out many of the best web logs around the Web on a wide range of topics. Explore what others are doing with theirs along the way.

From the Archives

There’s a section in the archives for posts about weblogs. Here are a few of them:


Resources on the Web

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