Photos, personal photographs, video, satellite imagery, and other images online and elsewhere, including World Trade Center photos, Pentagon photos, and more, before and after the 9/11 attacks, the September 11, 2001 attacks to the WTC, World Trade Centers in New York, the Pentagon, Flight 93, and related US terror attacks.

Downloadable and Printable Images

The images in this section link to websites with images that are available for free download, all related to the attacks in some way. Available are images for desktop download, printing, and other personal use.

Just as with any other images, please respect and follow the requested copyright information as applicable.

  • Ground Zero Spirit
    Official site for the well-known photo of the 3 firemen holding up the flag at Ground Zero. Desktop wallpaper image available for free download as 1024x800, 800x400, 640x480. Photo is also available for purchase, also as a poster, t-shirts, more.
  • U.S. Flag image
    Available for download and printing by St. Augustine Record.
    [St. Augustine Record]

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Satellite Imagery, Maps

  • Attack on America, imagery of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
    Excellent high quality satellite photos before and after the Sept. 11 attacks. Varying distances, too. There is also permission to use these photos if desired, provided you follow their terms.
  • Damage report from the city of New York.
    Very well done drawings of damage to WTC and surrounding area. You can view from various directions, close-up, zoom out.
    [09/21/01 Specials, America’s New War]
  • Firefighters: The Last Dispatch
    Map that shows the missing or dead firefighters by firehouses or batallions.
    [Portraits of Grief, New York Times]
  • Lower Manhattan: Up Close
    One of the best interactive 3D maps I’ve seen. Shows all the buildings around and including the World Trade Center. Mous eover each building, see which was destroyed, one by one, their relationships to each other, names of them, impact on the area, more.
    [09/14/01 USA Today]
  • Terror Attack: Minute by Minute
    Interactive slide show with time line of plane flight paths, drawings of impact, photos. Excellent interactive presentation. Requires free Flash plug-in.
    [09/01 APWire]
  • World Trade Center Satellite View
    Satellite photos above the World Trade Center destruction. You can zoom in and zoom out for a variety of perspectives and views, too. Excellent photos.
    [ Specials, America’s New War]

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Photos, Videos, Images

  • 911 In America: Images & Video From September 11th, 2001
    A repository of videos, photos (thumbnails to click on), and articles for both the WTC and the Pentagon. Excellent resource with lots of high quality images, many high resolution, too.
    [09/11/01 Eric N. Krout]
  • After the Fall
    Very well done annotated photo slide show beginning with the September 11 attacks. Each photo tells an amazing story. Clear, high quality photos of New York, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and the aftermath. High speed connection helpful but not required. (Requires the free Flash plug-in.)
  • America Attacked: Audio and Video Archive
    [09/11/01-ongoing, Washington Post]
  • America Under Attack
    Twenty-four images of the week of the attacks to America. More photos at their site, too.
    [09/11/01-09/16/01 Washington Post]
  • Christopher Casciano
    An absolutely amazing photo story of the WTC attack and aftermath. 72 photos.
    [09/11/01 Christopher Casciano]
  • Days of Terror: A Photo Gallery
    Photo slideshow with 13 photos during and after the attacks.
    [New York Metro]
  • Declan McCullagh Photographs
    Photos of the Pentagon on fire, scenes around Washington D.C.
  • Empire State Building Webcam
    Live webcam
    [link via Dave Winer’s Scripting News]
  • Slideshow - World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks
    Annotated slideshow from behind the scenes of firemen at or near the WTC, Pentagon during 9-11 and 9-12 (the first and second days). Quite a few photos, many of which I haven’t seen elsewhere. Many other slideshows, too, from other days.
    [09/11/01 and 9/12/01 AP photos via]
  • From Birth To Rubble, Components of the 1350-foot World Trade Center Towers
    Photos and drawings showing the construction of the WTC through its destruction. Very well done, interesting.
    [09/13/01 by Amy Sancetta, America Attacked: News Graphics, Washington Post.]
  • Great Buildings Online - World Trade Center
    History, story, and photos of the World Trade Center from inside and outside the buildings, Manhattan overviews, satellite images, view from the top of the towers, great buildings nearby, poster images, floor plan drawings, architect’s site plan drawings, more.
  • Grieves With You...
    Dozens of photos collected depicting the events of September 11th, the heroic firemen, policemen, and volunteers, and much more. Very well done.
  • Ground Zero Spirit
    Official site for the well-known photo of the 3 firemen holding up the flag at Ground Zero. Photo is available for purchase, also as a poster, t-shirts, more.
  • Honoring the Rescuers
    Story and photos of all the fire fighters who are believed to have lost their lives at the WTC disaster.
    [by Dean E. Murphy, New York Times]
  • Illustration by M. Flinn
    Black and white illustration expressing the loss in New York September 11, 2001. Well done.
    [09/01 M. Flinn, Atomic Imagery. Link via womendesigners discussion list.]
  • Infographics
    "Visual insights" into the attack on the US September 11, 2001. A collection of links to photos, images, drawings, maps, Flash, more. A great resource page.
    [by Paul Nixon,]
  • Inside the Towers
    A terrific creation by the New York Times showing the World Trade Center towers, the impact of the two planes that hit, stories from a variety of people about their escapes, and more. Quite well done.
    [by the New York Times]
  • Last Images
    The final photos 09/11/01 taken by Photojournalist Bill Biggart, who was killed when the second WTC tower collapsed. Some of his film survived, and this is a collection of them. Story included.
    [10/14/01 MSNBC]
  • Photos of the WTC before, during, and after
    One section is personal photos Sept 11, and another section is photos of the NY skyline from Brooklyn before and after the attacks. A journal is also included from that day along with updates. Photos taken and journal written by Grace Suh.
    [by Grace Suh]
  • Pictures of the WTC Bombing
    A huge repository of cached pages and photos from the Sept. 11th attacks to both the WTC and the Pentagon. Hundreds of photos collected here. The links within this repository are also annotated (helpful).
    [09/11/01 by Alex Chaffee,]
  • Rebuilding the Pentagon
    Annotated illustration of the Pentagon, the attack damage, statistics about it, and a brief history. Well done.
    [09/23/01 Washington Post]
  • Shattered
    A Time exclusive photo essay by James Nachtwey, tells of the World Trade Center devastation via photographs. Far more powerful than words could ever express.
  • Subway Web News
    An entire site devoted to New York Subway information, news, and now includes about what’s collapsed, the history, much more. Lots of photos of the subway sections that collapsed, street scenes, the towers collapsing, and many more very high quality photos.
  • Terror
    Photos of the Pentagon within seconds after the plane crash into it September 11th.
    [09/11/01 Steve Riskus]
  • Terrorist Attacks on the U.S.
    Well done, clear photo slideshow of the World Trade Center and aftermath.
    [09/11/01 MPR News]
  • Terrorists Bring War to Our Shores: Photos of the Attack
    Incredible photos by Todd Rengel,
    [09/11/01 The Village Voice]
  • ThankYou Image Gallery
    Photos from all over the world of the world’s response and compassion to the attacks. Very heartfelt.
    [09/11/01 and after by Ryan Garland, maintained now by]
  • The World Trade Center
    Eleven photos of the World Trade Center (prior to September 11, 2001) in all its splendor. Available for purchase. Stunning photos.
    [Photos prior to September 11, 2001, by Dan Heller Photography,]
  • Ultraradio
    Slide show of the WTC - 64 photos taken by Mike Schade. Spectacular views and shots, incredible clarity. Begins just after first tower struck, crowds walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, some people covered with soot and debris, more. Streets covered with debris and dust.
    [Mike Schade,]
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Disaster Response NYC
    Photos taken daily by USACE of the WTC, Ground Zero, scenes around New York. Ongoing since September 11.
    [09/11/01-ongoing, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers]
  • World Trade Center Explosion
    Annotated photo slideshow of George Weld’s account of the explosions and aftermath. Also shows people around him on Broadway, Canal Street, Franklin Street and elsewhere. Expressions on faces, reactions, street scenes. Far more than just photos of the buildings. He also has slide shows of the day after the attack and photos of the WTC before the attack. Different from other collections I’ve seen so far. Very well done, especially given the circumstances.
    [09/11/01 George Weld,]
  • World Trade Center photos
    A chronicle via photos beginning just after the first plane crashed into the WTC through both towers collapsing, and scenes of Times Square and elsewhere, by Bob of The Fine Line. Thumbnails to click on for larger versions.
    [09/11/01 Bob, The Fine Line]
  • World Trade Center Pictures and Multimedia
    Photos and shockwave. Dozens of personal photos of the WTC, from the first plane hitting on taken from the Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn, across the bay. Photos the rest of the week from all over New York City, Brooklyn. The walls of photos and missing loved ones, many candles and scenes around in memory of what happened. The candle photos are incredibly breathtaking to me. Very well done photos.
    [09/11/01 - 09/17/01]
  • World Trade Center Tribute
    Beautiful Flash movie tribute, featuring music by Enya, sound clips from reporters and witnesses, lots of photos. Very well done.
    [09/11/01 - 09/17/01 Richard Guyon, Ricon Web Design]
  • WTC Disaster
    Dozens of color photos of the aftermath of the WTC. Thumbnails to click on for larger versions.
    [09/11/01 NYC Wireless]
  • WTC Incident Media Archive
    Incredibly extensive archive and mirror of movies and photos from all over the Internet.
  • WTC Photos
    Section of photos at taken by MTA-New York City Transit Photographers. During the attacks and collapse, the aftermath, Ground Zero, and more.
    [9/11/01 and after,]
  • WTC - The Subway
    90 photos taken by New York City Transit employees during the first few days after the WTC collapse
    [The Other Side of the Tracks, a site devoted to the New York City Subway,]

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