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Newsfeeds, special sections of news sources, and other resources online related to the September 11, 2001 attacks - related to the 9/11 attacks to the World Trade Center (WTC), the Pentagon, Flight 93, and related terrorist attacks.

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Special Sections at News Sites

These sites have special sections related to the September 11th attacks while covering this topic and related issues throughout their ongoing news.

  • America Under Attack: Special Report
    Ongoing coverage with articles, multimedia, transcripts, help information, more.
    [09/11/01-ongoing, Nando Times]
  • America’s New War
    An entire section at CNN devoted to the Sept. 11 attacks. News reports, videos, photos, maps, personal stories, the victims, emergency information, investigation, Bin Laden, community message boards, more. Updated constantly.
    [09/11/01 and ongoing, Specials, America’s New War]
  • September 11, 2001
    A huge repository of stories, information, photo gallery, updated.
    [09/11/01 - 10/17/01 New York Metro]
  • Voice of America
    Listen to or watch live broadcasts, read news at the site.
    [ - Voice of America]
  • War on Terrorism
    Special section on terrorism and the September 11 attacks.
    [ (Voice of America)]

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Newsfeeds, Special Search for WTC, Pentagon

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Sites Devoted to New York or the WTC, Pentagon Attacks

  • New York Cares
    Site has lots of information about volunteers and help in New York. Listings of where to make donations, too, and you can donate online, too.
  • World New York
    Site devoted to New York. Currently has an ongoing update of articles, photos and news around the web. Excellent resource.
    [Site by Grant Barrett]

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Resource Sites

The following sites have lots of resources to information, photos, and more related to the September 11 attacks and terrorism.

  • America Rebuilds
    Terrific resource section at that links to resources at and elsewhere for rebuilding America, personal stories from survivors and witnesses, teen accounts and thoughts, and more. Well done and helpful.
    [by Avram Piltch,’s Guide to Today’s News]
  • Attack on America
    Extensive resource area, well organized, with categorized links to dozens of helpful links.
    [09/11/01 - 12/10/01, Michael Sauers, Bibliographical Center for Research,]
  • Attack on America in Context
    LexisNexis is providing this free service of packaging relevant content to help with researching, finding information about Tuesday’s tragedy. Excellent resource.
    [09/11/01-ongoing, link via The Virtual Acquisition Shelf and News Desk]
  • Build A New World Trade Center Now
    News, articles, information, discussion, more related to rebuilding the WTC and why. Also covers links regarding the attack to the WTC, Pentagon, terrorism, and related.
    [by Jeffrey Carlyle]
  • Current Events (Google)
    Links set up by Google with news and information about the attacks in the U.S.
    [09/11/01-ongoing, link via waferbaby]
  • Documents analysing the World Trade Center / Pentagon Terrorist Attack Sept. 11, 2001
    Extensive annotated links to articles as the title states.
    [09/11/01-ongoing, by Grover Furr, English Dept., Montclair State University]
  • Emergency Information
    Extensive listing via the New York Public Library site. Includes emergency numbers, donations, hospitals, grief counseling, counseling for children, schools, travel and transit, shelters, tourists, media, survivor lists, airlines (phone number list), power. Excellent, well organized.
    [09/11/01-ongoing, link via]
  • In Memoriam
    A special section of Wikipedia devoted to providing a neutral and complete history of the attacks, including the background history, the aftermath, and more.
  • Infographics
    "Visual insights" into the attack on the US September 11, 2001. A collection of links to photos, images, drawings, maps, Flash, more. A great resource page.
    [09/11/01-ongoing, by Paul Nixon,]
  • Jason Kotke
    Great collection of links to better news reports, video and photos.
  • Metafilter thread
    about the terrorist attack (WTC, Pentagon, more) with links to many news article updates, witness accounts writing in to Metafilter about it, more.
  • Metafilter thread
    about donating blood with links to information about where, when, how.
  • NetDiver
    by Carole Guevin lists information and resources to help families, friends, and victims.
  • Of Terrorism and Art
    Ongoing, updating collection of annotated links to articles and news about the impact of art from the Sept. 11 attacks—what art was destroyed at the WTC, Broadway and other theater and actors, museums and exhibits, artists that worked in the WTC, entertainment and movies in Hollywood, musicians on tour, TV transmissions out due to their transmissions at the WTC, architecture and tall buildings, artists' responses, arts business, popular culture, benefits to raise money, more. Fantastic resource.
  • Pictures of the WTC and aftermatch
    Archive of videos and photos from all over the Web.
  • Pictures of the WTC Bombing
    A huge repository of cached pages and photos from the Sept. 11th attacks to both the WTC and the Pentagon. Hundreds of photos collected here. The links within this repository are also annotated (helpful).
    [09/11/01 by Alex Chaffee,]
  • Scripting News
    Links, dialogue throughout the day and evening and more. Another must read.
    [09/11/01 Dave Winer, Scripting News]
  • Special Report: Terrorist Attacks
    Over 225 links to great resources regarding the terrorist attacks and related. Compiled with journalists in mind
    [09/11/01-ongoing, by Mike Reilley, The Journalist’s Toolbox]
  • Terrorism RealNews
    Ongoing, constantly updated listing of annotated news links about terrorism, focusing on the September 11th terrorist attacks in the U.S. Very thorough resource with archives.
    [09/11/01-ongoing, by the Terrorism Research Center (TRC)]
  • U.S. Attacked
    Lycos has put together a terrific page of links and resources to help find people, charities, message boards, latest news, more. Great information here.
    [09/11/01-ongoing, Lycos]
  • World Trade Center and Pentagon Information
    Terrific resource with the following sections: survivors, victims, status hotlines, emergency phone numbers, airlines, donate blood, other donations, coping.
    [09/11/01 by Brett Rabideau, Periwinkle Communications LLC.  Thanks to Brett Rabideau for the link!]
  • WebWord Weblog Archives: September 2001
    Beginning with the Sept. 11th entry, lots of links and information about the attacks, including news reports, web logs and other personal accounts and stories, more.
    [09/11/01-ongoing, by John S. Rhodes,]
  • World Trade Center: Reflections on the Disaster
    [09/11/01 compiled by Dennis G. Jerz]
  • World Trade Center Tragedy and News
    GeekNews mirror page has lots of video and photos of the WTC devastation, links to the NYPD, NYFD channels.
  • wtc-filter
    Articles and links related to the attack to the WTC September 11, 2001. Daily comments with links and links to federal and state agencies, main press and network sites, web logs, more.
    [by Martin Roberts,  Thanks to Meryl Evans for the link!]
  • WTC Incident Media Archive
    Incredibly extensive archive and mirror of movies and photos from all over the Internet.

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Finding More Information on the Net, Resources

  • Finding Disaster Coverage At Search Engines
    Analysis and advice on how to find the latest news about the attacks to the WTC, Pentagon and related issues.
    [09/12/01 Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Watch]
  • The Attack—How We Searched
    Fascinating information about helping families and loved ones find news of survivors, news of where to find help, how the world searched for information on the Internet, more. Well done with lots of related links.
    [09/14/01 by Kevin Elliott,’s Web Search Guide]
  • News Search Engines . . .  Major News Search Engines
    Great listing with URLs of specialized search engines for latest news.
    [09/12/01 Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Watch]
  • Web Search Tip of the Day: Where to Find Current Disaster Information
    Links to how to find out much needed information - where to donate blood, information about survivors, New York help, Washington, D.C. help, travel and airline info, coping and counseling, information for children, news coverage.
    [09/11/01, Kevin Elliott]

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