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9 Free Adobe Illustrator CS3 Brushes and Symbols
04:50 PM - Apr 5, 2008

Looking for free Illustrator brushes or symbols? I created 9 free Adobe Illustrator symbols and brushes for anyone who needs rounded triangles or alert symbols, warning symbols. These free brushes and symbols are all fully editable within Adobe Illustrator, so you can change the colors, sizes, and customize them as needed. In addition, I’ve included resources to many more Illustrator brushes, symbols, tutorials, and resources.

4 Free Illustrator Symbols - Rounded Triangle Symbols and Alert Symbols, Warning Symbols

This Illustrator symbol library includes 4 symbols total, 2 of which have 'Web 2.0' style mirrored glass table reflections. As I mentioned above, you can edit the colors, the sizes, and fully customize them to your needs within Illustrator. Illustrator CS3 Symbols - Alert or Warning Symbols, Rounded Triangle Symbols

Note - I don’t know if they’ll work or not for earlier versions of Illustrator. I created them in Illustrator CS3. If anyone uses earlier versions and confirms that they work, please let me know and I’ll confirm that here! Thanks.

Download the 4 free Illustrator CS3 symbols - rounded triangle symbols, alert symbols (77.0KB ZIP file).

5 Free Illustrator Brushes - Rounded Triangle Symbol Brushes and Alert Symbols, Warning Symbol Brushes

Just for fun I also created them as Illustrator art brushes. These don’t include the gradients used in the Illustrator symbols above - these Illustrator brushes use all solid colors.

Included in this free Illustrator brush library: Illustrator CS3 Brushes - Alert symbol brushes, rounded triangle brushes

These brushes are also editable, customizable in Illustrator. An easy way is to open your document in Illustrator, open the brushes library (SKDesigns Alert Rounded Triangle Brushes), select a brush, and just drag and drop it into a new layer within your Illustrator document. In your Layers Panel you’ll then see the brush layers.

Download the 5 free Illustrator CS3 brushes - rounded triangle brushes, alert brushes (77.01KB ZIP file).

Usage, Terms, Licensing

The Illustrator brushes and symbols within the zip files at this blog post are all free for personal or commercial use. Please don’t redistribute them from your site - link to this post. More details in the .zip files.

If you’d like to link to them, please link to this post and NOT to the .zip files: 9 Free Adobe Illustrator CS3 Brushes and Symbols.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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