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30 More Free Blog Icons, Website Icons, Symbol Icons
01:04 PM - Jun 10, 2008

Since my previous free blog icons giveaway has been so popular, I decided to create more - this time 30 free icons in a monochrome, silvery metal color scheme that will blend well with a wide range of blog theme colors. Like before, these small pixel icons include: 15 16x16 icons and 15 matching 10x10 icons. Download them all or by each size via the ZIP files within today’s post.

About These Website Icons, Blog Icons 30 Free Website Icons, Blog Icons, Pixel Icons - screenshot

Here’s some information about these icons:

Sizes: 16 x 16 px, 10 x 10 px

Background: transparent

Format: gif (transparent gif)

Outer border color: dark gray/silver metal

These are pixel icons, so there are no jagged edges regardless of the background color used. HOWEVER, I created them with white and light-colored backgrounds in mind. They have a dark gray border that looks best with white and light-colored backgrounds.

Included in this icon set:

See below for licensing, usage terms.

15 Silver Metal 16x16 Free Blog / Website Icons

Only the 16x16 size icons:
Download the 15 Silver Metal 16x16 free blog/website icons (5.20KB ZIP file).

15 Silver Metal 10x10 Free Blog / Website Icons

Only the 10x10 size icons:
Download the 15 Silver Metal 10x10 free blog/website icons (4.06KB ZIP file).

30 Total Silver Metal 16x16 and 10x10 Free Blog / Website Icons

All 30 silver icons in one download:
Download the 30 Silver Metal free blog/website icons (7.12KB ZIP file).

Usage, Terms, Licensing

You have a license to use these graphic icons for commercial or personal use with some exceptions (see zip file for details).

You may not sell these icons individually or in whole, pass them off as your own, redistribute them in part or in whole, or use with anything illegal.

You may not sell, lease, sublicense, or otherwise assign any rights, duties or obligations under this agreement, in whole or in part, to any person or entity.

If you’d like to link to them, please link to this post and NOT to the .zip files.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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The above is the second free icon set I’ve offered here, and it undoubtedly won’t be the last. So stay tuned for more in the days ahead. Also: