Comments Policy

Comments at this site are welcome, invited, and encouraged. It’s an enjoyable, fun, and interesting part of the online community. The following is undoubtedly information that nearly all visitors would follow anyway, but I mention this here for the few who may not choose to post respectful comments.

  1. I reserve the right to remove any comments at my own prerogative.
  2. Swearing and other offensive language, flaming, and derogatory comments will be deleted and those who do will be banned from commenting here in the future.
  3. Spam will not be tolerated and will be immediately reported to the appropriate agencies.
  4. Solicitors and others posting advertisements are also considered spam, are not welcome, and will not be permitted to post any comments here in the future.
  5. Letting me know about an interesting site that’s on-topic with the discussion is absolutely fine, even if it’s your site. I think most of us have a clue about the difference anyway.
  6. Trackbacks are remote comments and are subject to the same rules.
  7. All spam is saved and provided to law enforcement.

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