• A few Tips for Using Lynx
    Lynx, a text-only browser, is also a helpful tool for website designers and developers to test webpages for accessibility. In addition to links to download Lynx and find more help, this article/tutorial is geared for new users to Lynx, especially those unfamiliar with using a DOS command line environment.
  • Semantics, HTML, XHTML, and Structure
    This article/tutorial discusses the basics of using good HTML structure for your documents, such as using the P element rather than the BR element for paragraphs, using heading elements for headings rather than faking your markup. CSS provides the means to achieve the visual presentation you have in mind while using the appropriate HTML recommended by W3C.


I’ve provided a few templates below that I’ve mentioned in email or elsewhere. Please refer to the Movable Type Documentation and Movable Type Forums, as most questions are already answered there. If you have questions specific to these templates, please write them within the Comments area below and I’ll respond here, too.

TIP: Right-click with your mouse on the template link to save directly to your computer.

The templates are plain text files (.txt). Depending on your browser the templates may not appear correctly, especially those with Movable Type tags in them. You can click the View Source in your browser to view a template before downloading it to your computer.

Using Movable Type for Page Redirects

While server-side redirects are first choice, that’s not always a choice for everyone. If you’ve changed your entry URL structure you can use Movable Type to set up redirects for you. Here’s a template I used to redirect users from my previous Movable Type URLs to the new Movable Type URLs.

RSS Templates

Some prefer to receive complete posts rather than summaries for their RSS feeds. Here’s a template for that purpose. It also validates via the RSS Validator.

Be sure to replace references to my site and my name with your own. I left them there as a guide.

Export from Blogger to MT

This template includes capturing the entry’s permalink anchor, a detail that isn’t currently included with Movable Type’s conversion template. I used this to convert over 2-1/2 years' worth of posts, and it worked beautifully.


For more on Movable Type, visit the Movable Type resources section here, and the Movable Type archives.

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