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Browser News, Updates

Lots happening the past couple of weeks. Netscape 6 and Opera 5 are now released, and I’ve added quite a few Web sites with updated information for CSS, HTML, and other issues around these new browser releases.

I’ve also been super busy the past several weeks adding so many new Web sites, several new categories and one new section. Lots going on at!

Netscape 6, Opera 5

Netscape 6 has finally arrived! And Opera has released a free version of its browser, too (version 5). You can download them both and read about their new features at their respective sites:

Opera 5

Also regarding Netscape 6, there are updates to with annotated links to articles and tips for you regarding design, CSS, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, and more. Here are some direct links to a couple of sections below, or you can use the Site Search at the top left of the page, entering 'Netscape 6.' updates for Netscape 6:

Cross-browser, Cross-platform font issues
(This is a brand new section!)
CSS section


CSS Master Grid:
Eric Meyer has updated his popular CSS Master Grid at WebReview to include Netscape 6.

Peter-Paul Koch’s thorough JavaScript site that includes browser testing for JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, and more now includes updates for Netscape 6 and Opera 5.

Netscape 6 Release Notes:
Netscape’s official chart of bugs with workarounds for its new version 6 browser.

New Section at

HTML and Color Popups, by VisiBone is thrilled to offer terrific information from VisiBone, which he’s generously offered as a free service. Use these popups here or download these fabulous charts to your computer to use offline.

New Categories at

Fonts Section
small screen fonts collage Small, Screen, Pixel Fonts
There are already almost a dozen sites added to this new category that include high quality (and free!) small fonts that are especially good for navigation graphics, for example. Many of these Web sites also have quite interesting designs, too, which makes for an especially fun tour of these new site additions.

Design and Layout
Websites to Inspire and Cure Creative Blocks
Three new sites have been added to help get those creative juices going again. Excellent sites here. You might also check out the Creativity category for tips to help improve your creativity flow.

Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform Font Issues
Since questions continue to arise around cross-browser, cross-platform font issues, especially for CSS, in several web design discussion in which I participate, I’ve added this new category to the Design and Layout section. There are already nearly a dozen fabulous Web sites listed here that are valuable resources provided by top-notch experts.

Information Architecture and Usability
Since I’ve added quite a few annotated resources recently regarding information architecture and usability, it was time to promote this important topic to their own categories. You’ll find excellent resources to experts in this area, with opinions, tutorials, and more terrific information.


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Recommended Books

Book cover: Designing for Web Standards, 2nd Ed., by Jeffrey Zeldman.

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