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Clean up Word 2000 Bloated HTML

Want to clean up the Office-specific code, or extract the CSS as a separate file? Microsoft’s Office HTML Filter 2.0 states that it does that and more, whether to one document or to a batch of documents.

I’ve been stripping out Word-created HTML from lots of documents with HTML Tidy, a great tool by Dave Raggett of the W3C. HTML Tidy does a terrific job and has a variety of options and customizations to strip it all out, clean it up, or take out what you wish for both Word2000 and Word97.

Cleaning up Word’s HTML is only one small option with HTML Tidy. This helpful tool will also clean up your own code and clean up code from other conversion tools, not just Word. It does lots more than this, too.

HTML Tidy comes bundled in HomeSite and some other HTML editors, integrates well with others, and also comes as a free stand-alone utility.

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