Backing Up Your PDA

If you have a PDA, do you back up the data regularly? And what would you do if your PDA got lost, stolen, or it gets dropped, sat on (ouch!) and broken? Gabriel Goldberg wrote an article in January 5th’s Washington Post that will shed some insight on this for you: When Portable Gadgets Get Lost or Stolen.

Even doing a sync of your data regularly to your computer can be an enormous help so you don’t lose everything. Handspring also has a great backup springboard module that I use all the time to back up my data in addition to doing a sync every day with Backup Buddy, a handheld backup program on my computer. So far so good. Why both? If I’m out of town, for example, I’ll have the backup springboard module handy. If my PC hard drive crashes (major ouch!), I’ll still have the backup module. Just extra protection for very important information that would really be a nightmare to duplicate otherwise.

A Few More Sites and Articles About Handhelds and Wireless

I came across BrightHand’s Web site for handhelds recently and glad I did. Lots of great reviews of handhelds and software, discussion forums, the latest news and info, conferences and events, and much more.

Today’s Brainstorms & Raves talks about the new microPDAs—fully functional PDAs about the size of a credit card and weighing almost nothing. Amazing, interesting technology. also has a section on Wireless and Handhelds with a few dozen links to a variety of annotated resource categories, from wireless and handheld devices to software, accessories, and how to write content for handhelds and wireless devices.

Palmgear H.Q. is my favorite hangout for handheld hardware, software, accessories, reviews, latest news, links, finding out the latest, and downloading trial or purchased handheld software. I’ve been quite pleased with their service, whether I’ve purchased accessories by postal mail or have downloaded software. Great website.

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