Best Programs for Unzip, Zip?

After a couple of discussion lists lately have asked about good unzipping programs, I thought I’d do a little investigating to check on new or improved programs and broaden my horizons. There are dozens of zip programs out there! Here are the best programs (my opinion) I found for PCs, Macs, UNIX, OS2, and even your Palm handheld organizer.

The good news is that these programs are quite inexpensive, and a couple of them are free for personal use (small charge for business use).

For PC, Windows, DOS, UNIX, OpenVMS, OS2

PKWare, Inc. invented the .zip format way back in 1989. For Internet time, that’s definitely "the old days!" Available in several languages and for PC, DOS, UNIX, OpenVMS, OS2, more. Has won many major awards. Shareware.

For Windows

One of the most well known compression programs for Windows users. Available in several languages. Supports .zip, .sit, .sea, .exe, .hqx, many more. Fully-featured robust program. Has won many major awards and is consistently one of ZDNet’s Top 20 downloads. Integrates with Windows Explorer, Norton Anti-virus, McAfee Anti-virus. Shareware.

Very comprehensive, robust program for Windows. Supports .zip, .sit, .sea, .exe, .hqx, many more. Has also won many major awards, top rankings, very impressive reviews.

ZipFree 2000!
Supports .zip, .exe. Integrates with Explorer, has an image viewer and other user-friendly features. Has won a couple of awards, high ratings at ZDNet. Not as feature-rich as some of the other programs, but has many good features. Shareware/Freeware.

(Note: Don’t confuse ZipFree with FreeZip. FreeZip is a different program, has limited features and not rated nearly as high.)

Quick Zip
This program also supports many file types, has drag-and-drop features, view many file types, more. Freeware.

For Macs and PCs

Aladdin Stuffit
Eliminate cross-platform problems with Stuffit, since it works and transfers to and from Macs and PCs (.zip, .sit, .sea, .exe, .hqx, more). Robust, fully-featured. Popular program. Has won many major awards.

For Palm (yep, for your PDA!)

Unzip plugin for MultiMail Professional
Free plugin for MultiMail Professional

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