IXSoftware Announces "Make it So!" Output Automation Module For Adobe Photoshop 6.0

Wow! Now this sounds fabulous. This new Photoshop tool for Macs or PCs (and Photoshop 6) is developed by a team of Photoshop experts David Blatner, Katrin Eismann, Martin Evening, Bruce Fraser, Herb Paynter, Andrew Rodney, Jeff Schewe, and Mike Skurski.

Here’s a clip from their press release January 23rd:

"'Make It So!' significantly streamlines the process of preparing output files for any Photoshop user. The product’s intelligent image-processing auto-pilot enables users to produce precisely formatted image files for use in all publishing and new media applications. Accessible via the menu bar in Photoshop, 'Make It So!' comes in three easy-to-understand modules: 'Make It Right!' prepares a raw image for accurate display on-screen. 'Make It Print!' converts and prepares the screen-ready image for print. 'Make It Work!' enables Photoshop to batch-process a master folder of images, simultaneously converting all files to different output sizes and color spaces. Each image can be processed for up to six different uses, with each version of the image saved in its own folder. A built-in Wizards function makes it possible for even novice users to perfectly optimize their images for any type of output."

The only disappointment that I feel about all this is that we have to wait until its release date of April, about 2-1/2 months away. Going to their site they only have the main page right now stating their new site will be ready in April, along with a link to the press release.

There’s also no indication about its cost or if there will be a trial evaluation available. I will anxiously await to learn more about this tool that sounds like such a Godsend. I’ve noted on my schedule to check back with them.

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