Netscape 6.01 now available

Softseek states that many of the bugs with version 6.0 have now been addressed, such as the security hole with its email. You can download it from Softseek’s page, from Netscape, and other locations around the Internet.

Do I recommend trying Netscape 6.01’s browser? As soon as I’ve had sufficient feedback about its stability I’ll write an update and let you know. Right now, I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a try and see how it goes, though.

I’d also suggest not using version 6.0 as your main email program until you’re sure of its stability on your computer. I haven’t tried version 6.01 yet, but version 6.0’s PC version email program was wildly unstable, unpredictable, and caused lots of problems for me. The newgroup program was also quite unstable.

The version 6.0 and 6.01 browser itself is far more standards compliant and has received lots of praise, especially from those of us who are so supportive of browser standards.

I’m personally still finding Internet Explorer 5.5 the most stable and reliable in the long run. My MAC user friends rave about Internet Explorer 5.5 for Macs, as it’s been entirely rewritten from the ground up and is the best browser any of them have used so far. Impressive comments, especially since many of them are developers.

Just for the record, I have always been highly supportive of Netscape and have used their browser and email program as my main browser and email programs for several years. While I am disappointed in version 6.0’s email program, I’m hopeful that much is fixed with their upgrades. It has only been with much disappointment that I’ve reluctantly moved to other software for my email and main browser. Once I’ve had an opportunity to try Netscape 6.01’s email program, I’ll write an update column about it.

As a Web site designer, developer, and consultant, I have several browsers and versions loaded on my main computer, which is currently a Pentium III PC. For quick program loading and ease of use, I like to use Opera 4.0 (PC version), where I can also so quickly and easily turn off image loading, JavaScript, cascading style sheets, and more, especially to test my designs. For general browsing, I’m currently finding Internet Explorer 5.5 to be the most stable on my own PC. I was using Netscape 4.7 for a long time until this past summer when I researched and wrote about DHTML, for which Netscape 4.7 was lacking in sufficient support for my testing needs. Netscape 4.7 is not nearly as standards compliant as version 6.x and has required tons of workarounds for us Web site designers and developers. We look forward to its demise.

As I mention above, as soon as I’ve had an opportunity to use Netscape 6.01’s browser, email and newsgroup programs for a few weeks, I’ll write a report update for this column.

What is your favorite browser and why? Have you tried Netscape 6.0 or 6.01? Let me know if you’re using a Mac or a PC, and browser versions with your comments. Comments, feedback?

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