Adobe Acrobat 5 Announced

Acrobat 5 will be available in April, according to Adobe’s Web site. Lots of great new features, too, that will enhance the Web experience with PDF files, easier multiple document reviews with sticky notes, improved publishing features and updating capabilities, improved for accessibility issues, and many other great new features.

"Anyone can open your document across a broad range of hardware and software, and it will look exactly as you intended—with layout, fonts, links, and images intact. With Acrobat 5.0, you and your team can increase productivity by approving and commenting on documents from within a Web browser."

For Web use, PDF files are great for providing booklets, sample chapters, brochures, technical guides, and many other documents, especially since they retain the look of the originals. I’ve used them quite a bit with clients' Web sites with great results and positive feedback from their visitors.

[Thanks to Makiko Itoh for the heads up.]

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