Internet Explorer 6 Beta Release

You may have heard that Internet Explorer 6 beta version is available for download. Want to hear what others are saying about it? Want to download it and try it out? Here are some reviews and resources.

The Buzz: Reviews and Feedback

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview
Review by CNet’s Rex Baldazo March 24, 2001. Links to download, more info.

Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview
By Justin Jenkins, BetaNews, March 22nd, 2001, 11:52 PM. Lots of detail here, plus comments and feedback. Download, more.

Moreover Search: Internet Explorer 6
Link to search results to find the latest via Moreover from major news sources and more.

Microsoft Official Info

Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview
Microsoft’s site where you can read more about IE 6, download it, read reviews, get more detailed technical info, and more.

Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview Bug Reporting Website
Here’s your chance to let Microsoft know of bugs and let them know your feedback.

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