TopStyle Pro 2.01 CSS Editor, Beta Release, New Style Definitions for Netscape 6, IE 6 Preview

TopStyle Pro 2.01 CSS Editor, 1st Beta release is now available for TopStyle Pro 2.0 owners via the Bradsoft Web site.

TopStyle owners can also download new style definitions from the Topstyle Newsgroup for the above 2 new browsers, too.

If you haven’t tried TopStyle CSS editor, I can’t give it enough stars on the rating—it’s great. It’s also a very helpful way to help you learn how to do style sheets, as it helps you along with wizards if you wish, and includes templates and help files, too. And if you don’t need that, it’s out of the way, too.

I’ve used TopStyle since it came out and use it every single day with my web design business. The support is also unbelievably great, with Nick Bradbury, its creator, being available so quickly to answer questions and provide assistance needed. You may recognize Nick’s name as the creator of HomeSite, too, now owned by Allaire. (Allaire and Macromedia have merged as of March 20th, too!)

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