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Digital Web’s April Issue

Packed with great articles, tips, tutorials, and info, Digital Web has outdone themselves once again with another terrific issue. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Incredible cover art by Christophe Martin. Beautiful use of the soft colors, the effects, everything about it. I’ve returned to view it so many times, sometimes to sit back at a distance, sometimes to explore the details of how he put it together and what he did, and sometimes to gaze and wonder where it might be (it reminds me so much of streets in Vienna, Austria). Very interesting artwork that I’m enjoying so much. What talent!
  • Want to know how to better balance your designs and layout work? Check out a great new article by Carole Guevin of Netdiver and SoulMedia fame, "Visual Architecture: The Rule of Three." Carole’s article gives you plenty of fuel to feed your inspiration and exploration. I’ve been one of Carole’s many admirers for quite some time. She is quite a gifted individual.

    [Side note: Carole talks about many of the things my mom taught me as a kid, too. My mom was one of the best artists and certainly the most creative individual I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and it was honor to be her daughter and to have her as a mentor. She would feed me tidbits, such as the power of using 3, as we’d go through the day, throughout my childhood, throughout my adulthood, including as she lay dying in the hospital—pointing out the window at the beauty of the trees and their colors against the sky’s incredible sunset.

    My mom’s passion and love for art and music so easily rubbed off on me. I couldn’t help but want to know what she was so excited about. I’m reminded every single day of my mom with both my work in web design and my passion for playing my piano. And my dad’s concerned about people forgetting her?!?! Hardly!]

  • "A look into the inspirational kingdom of James Widegren"—great interview of THREEOH’s James Widegren by Nick Finck. Inspirational indeed! Especially fascinating to me was to read about what inspires him. You may or may not be surprised with his responses. Great interview questions by Nick Finck, too (so what else is new?!).
  • "Designing for Search Engines and Stars" is a new tutorial that I wrote and am honored to have it published at Digital Web. The tutorial provides a sweeping overview of designing a great site that can still be search engine friendly. It goes into all the potential roadblocks, such as dealing with JavaScript, frames, Flash, keywords and key phrases, and much more.
  • "A review of Adobe’s LiveMotion 1" by Jesse Nieminen. Jesse goes into some great detail about the program, providing far more than whether he likes it or not and a photo of the box. While there’s a photo of the box, he reviews 1) the interface, 2) timelines and objects, 3) creating, importing, and manipulating images, 4) audio, 5) production features, 6) interactivity and behaviors. If you want to know about Adobe’s LiveMotion 1, this is the place to read all about it.
  • "The Business of Blue" by Stephen Van Doren. Once again, Stephen certainly covers a lot of ground about use of the color blue all over the Web. Great perspectives, interesting examples, and terrific reading (once again, what else is new?!).
  • "A Sordid Affair" by Peter Fielding. Peter Fielding’s April column is a tremendously humorous, witty tale of romancing code. Watch out for your stomach muscles, though, as they may be sore from so much laughter when you’re finished reading this one.

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