Looking for a Good Bookmark Manager?

During the past year it became quite clear that I needed a better bookmarking system than something residing in each of my browsers. I needed to have them independently accessible regardless of browser or computer.

With that in mind, I wondered if there could possibly be a program that supported Netscape 4 and 6, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Thus began my hunt for the best feature-packed bookmark manager to fill those needs.

I looked at quite a few, quickly rejecting the online bookmarking services since I prefer my bookmarks to be on my own computer. If you’re interested in something online, though, here are a few that looked pretty good:

I also found several shareware bookmarking management programs that fit some or all of what I needed. Here are some of the best according to all the rave reviews:

Powermarks and JetLinks support Netscape 4 and 6, Internet Explorer AND Opera. While some of the programs will export and convert to HTML, Powermarks also has a free online "NetSync" synchronizing capability so I can access and synchronize my bookmarks on my main computer and laptop, and view them online if I wish.

[Powermarks screen shot. Click on image for larger view.] At first I wasn’t sure if I’d like the alphabetized by keywords interface since I’ve always organized my bookmarks by category in Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Opera. However, within an hour’s use it was clear that this different interface would nonetheless work quite well for me.

The 'Macros' are quick links to sites that I visit frequently. The keywords are automatically generated and I can add my own as I wish. I can colorize links by rank, change the interface colors, and much more. Powermarks also removes redundant URLs and checks all sites regularly, too.

Frankly, Powermarks has far more capabilities than I’d imagined (check out their list of new features, for example!). I can see this new program and I are going to get along just fine.

Want to see more? Check out Dave Central - Bookmarks with annotated comments for dozens of online and offline bookmark management, or Web-Based Bookmark Managers, a listing of dozens of online bookmark managers.

Special thanks to the discussion list for feedback, especially to Susan Plaumann and Gini Decooman.

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